About the trip

At the end of 2013 we realised we’d had enough of London and decided to move to Cardiff.

In early 2014 we realised that we’d had enough of working.

A plan was formed.  Sell the house, quit our jobs and go travelling before settling down in Wales. Simple eh?

Of course these things always take longer than you think to sort out but we’re now finally ready to start the adventure.  We’re going to be on the road for a year, just us and our backpacks.  Travelling light, visiting continents, countries and places we’ve never been before as well as visiting lots of friends and family along the way.

Where are we going?

Everywhere. Well not quite everywhere but the plan is:

September to December: South East Asia

A loop from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos before going back into Northern Thailand and heading south to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

December and January: Australia Part 1

Perth to Sydney to spend Christmas with the Aussie Pearsons before moving on to see “almost family” in Melbourne and a trip to Tassie.

February and March: New Zealand

2 months in a Camper Van around New Zealand.

April: Australia Part 2

Back to Oz to see our friends Ellie & Brent get married and then on to Northern Territories before getting the train to Alice Springs & Uluru. Then on to Brisbane and the Gold Coast before leaving.

May: Pacific Island Hopping

Tropical paradise (and the tail end of rainy season) in Fiji, Tahiti & Easter Island.

June & July: South America

Flying into Chile, across the centre of Argentina before working our way to Rio.

July & August: USA & Canada

Finishing off the trip with a drive from Vegas to Seattle via LA, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Oregon national parks, Portland and Seattle. Trade the car in for the train and heading to Vancouver, then through the Rockies through to Toronto and on up to Quebec and Nova Scotia. Finally heading down to Maine and Boston to finish the trip with great friends 🙂


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