Today marks 15 years since Nikki and I started seeing each other. Back in 2000 I’m pretty sure most people reckoned it wouldn’t last – as with any relationship there’s been ups and downs but here we are having fun, doing things our way and still going strong. We’ve spent today doing a jet boat trip to the Bridge to Nowhere, we’re currently parked up in site 13 in a campground overlooking Mount Ngauruhoe (better known as “Mount Doom” in the Lord of the Rings films) – I’m just hoping these aren’t omens for the next 15 years!

Tomorrow (March 4th) marks 6 months on the road for us but more importantly would have been my step-father Frank’s 63rd birthday. Most of you will know that he passed away just over 3 years ago and is still very much missed by those of us that knew and loved him. I remember him every time I cook as he was one of the main reason I love being in the kitchen. I miss being able to share stories and photos of the fabulous food we’ve eaten on this trip. We’ll both be raising a glass to him tomorrow night.