So we’re coming home

A number of reasons (OK, mainly that we spent loads more than we thought we would in Oz and NZ!), but instead of going to the Pacific Islands & then South America, we’re going to finish up in Oz and then go back home via Thailand for some more scuba diving (yes, we’re THAT addicted!) and reckon we’ll be back in the UK end of May / start of June.

We’re also going to also take a side trip to the US & Canada from the UK later in the summer ‘cos we’ve got plenty of air miles to spend now – so we’ll see those of you on the East Coast pretty much around the same time we would have been ending the trip anyway.

Both looking forward to going home and starting the search for somewhere to live in South Wales – if we find the right place we’ve got some exciting plans lined up for the next few years.

Cheers for following our travels – hopefully see those of you in the UK soon.