Halong Bay

Halong Bay is North East of Vietnam and is made up of 3,000 or more islands that sit in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

We decided to do the two day, one night excursion from the hotel.  We were picked up and driven 3 hours to the bay, we then transferred to a boat which would be our home for the next 36 hours or so.

We had a beautiful day the forecasted rain/thunder stayed away and once the boat was out far enough and anchored we were able to go kayaking and swimming.  The water wasn’t crystal clear but it was clear enough compared to the chocolate brown that is the Mekong, but it was lovely and warm.  One thing we saw which unfortunately we weren’t quick enough with the old GoPro was little jumping fish.  It was amazing to watch as they came right close to us.

To be honest I could have stayed in the water all afternoon but we were soon ushered back to the boat to watch the sunset (which was stunning.  There may have been another 30 odd boats moored near us but the stillness of the water and the surroundings was amazing) and have dinner.  There were 18 of us on the boat and we got chatting to two couples from Brisbane and we’ve promised when we roll through in April we will get back in contact with them.

The top deck of the boat in which we watched the sunset


We’re not alone!!

One thing Halong Bay is also known for is the caves.  So as part of the package you get taken to a “Surprise cave” as it was quoted on the itinerary, I wouldn’t say it was surprising but it was pretty cool, but also bloody warm.  We’ve been to touristy places on our travels but this was just packed to the rafters and whilst I enjoyed it, I am not sure I would have chosen to go there myself.

The one thing being on the boat did do, was make me realise how much of a rest we need, and I’m very much looking forward to the up coming beaches we plan on visiting whilst we make our way down to Saigon/Bangkok.


Halong Bay Flickr photos